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Ulsan City - Worldwide related companies, MOU for Floating Offshore Wind Power Project


Ulsan s igned MOU for the development of floating offshore wind power industry with domestic and foreign companies
Fostering the floating offshore wind power industry, including technology development and information sharing
Cooperation with floating offshore wind farm construction near Donghae Gas Field
On the afternoon of June 10, Ulsan City signed a “MOU for Fostering the Floating Offshore Wind Industry” with 19 companies and organizations specializing in floating offshore wind power projects.
This business agreement aims to promote localization of technology (products) and international competitiveness through joint research and exchange of information on floating offshore wind power projects for domestic and foreign professional companies and institutions. It will also establish a cooperation system in accordance with the creation of the floating offshore wind farm in Ulsan.
Ulsan will cooperate with the administrative support for the successful development and demonstration of technologies (products) related to the floating offshore wind power project, as well as the participation of the parties in the project.
Domestic and foreign companies(institutions) will endeavor to develop internationally applicable offshore wind power technologies through mutual technical cooperation and information exchange.
In addition, private investors decided to negotiate mutually so that the technology (products) of the parties to the agreement could be applied to the development of a floating offshore wind farm near the Donghae Gas Field, which is being promoted in agreement with Ulsan City.
In particular, participants included domestic companies that are specialized in installation and transportation of offshore wind power, as well as institutions that support technical innovation, marketing, and design. Therefore, this will be an opportunity for win-win growth by applying information from private sector companies to the Ulsan floating offshore wind farm construction project, as well as the exchange of information with private investors.
To facilitate the construction of a floating offshore wind farm project underway by private investors, Ulsan City is providing administrative support such as regulatory reform in consultation with central government offices and related organizations.
At the same time, Ulsan is also working on localizing the floating offshore wind power industry technology and equipment by promoting the 5MW class large floating wind generator design technology” and “200MW class floating wind farm design and evaluation technology development”.
Meanwhile, Ulsan City signed an agreement with five private companies last year to create a floating offshore wind farm in Ulsan near the Donghae Gas field. Once the city completes the feasibility studies and obtains permits for power generation projects, the wind farm complex is expected to be completed by 2025 (more than 1 GW).
“Because the floating offshore wind power business is still in the early stages of global commercialization, it is urgent to expand the business through market occupation as soon as possible. As domestic and foreign floating wind power companies are committed to mutual information sharing and technology development for this project, I’m confident that Korea can lead the global offshore wind power industry.
Song Cheol ho, Ulsan Mayor
- Source : Ulsan City
- Original : http://www.ulsan.go.kr/rep/ubpress/36432